A recent S-PRESS installation at the company IBO Ondulati in Italy has proved a great success.

IBO run a modern 2800mm wide MHI Corrugator. However, they could not run their heavy-weight double-wall grades at the speeds they required. With the board grade K275/S135/T130/S135/K275 the maximum speed achievable was 190 m/min.

Upon investigation, it was discovered the problem lay with the poor performance of the existing Double Facer Heat Transfer system. We were confident enough to offer a guarantee that S-PRESS would run in excess of 235 m/minin and therefore an order was placed.

S-Press at IBO

Almost immediately following the installation of the S-PRESS, the customer was able to increase the maximum speed for this board grade from 190 m/min to 265 m/min and at the same time reduce the Double Facer power consumption by 20% confirming S-PRESS as the best performing and efficient system in the World today.

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