We recently installed a S-PRESS retrofit at the company S.I.F.A., situated in central Italy and owned by the Trasarti brothers.

S.I.F.A. made the decision to decommission their existing shoe-type heat transfer system and replace it with S-PRESS. This important decision was made with the expectation of eliminating constant down-warp problems when running E-flute at speeds of 250 m/min.

S-Press at SIFA

Following the first two weeks after the installation, the customer was particularly pleased not only because the down-warp problem was resolved, but the S-PRESS had also given even more benefits, including:

  • Flatter, drier board.
  • Reduced glue consumption, i.e. 1 gsm/m2 reduction.
  • Reduced main drive power consumption of between 30kW - 40kW.
  • Increase in double-wall speeds to 250 m/min.
  • Increase in E-flute speeds up to 300 m/min.
  • Elimination of edge-bond problems on all 7 paper widths.
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